Legal Marketing Video Tips

does your firm believe in video but isn’t quite sure where to begin we created three videos to help you create play and market your videos in this first video we will provide some basic information to help you create the right messaging for your video here at red pepper group we begin our process by asking the following questions first who is your target audience by understanding their behaviors and needs you can determine the type of content they are interested in and how best to engage with them second what is the behavior you want your viewers to perform after they abused your video understanding this preferred behavior will help you develop the most effective call to action for your video for instance if you want viewers to call and a phone number in your video and direct viewers to call the number below if you’re interested in collecting their emails then add a call to action within the video that collects emails third before creating new content check with content your firm already has has this content proved to be successful in the past and can it be repurposed as video content this will save valuable time and resources and creating a new video campaign forth keep your video focused on one message don’t try to fit 10 different topics into one video because your audience will lose engagement you have 10 topics then make ten short videos as opposed to one long video a good rule of thumb is to keep your videos under three minutes however some of our clients have found great success in creating very topic specific videos that are longer than 10 minutes so it’s not just about video link the time but also about your audience and your chosen topic the most important thing to remember include call to actions within the first five seconds of your video to recap before beginning production develop measurable goals for your video whether it’s raising awareness by engaging with your audience extending clients life cycles encouraging client advocacy for converting potential clients videos can help some common videos include firm profile videos recruitment videos educational videos and client testimonial videos once you’ve developed the story that works best for your target audience where do you play your videos please enter your email address to the right of this video to subscribe to more videos like this.

Source: Youtube