How To Decide What Types of Content to Create For Content Marketing

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I’m Michele Ruizand in my book, “Content Marketing for Lawyers: How Attorneys can use Social Media strategies to attract new clients and become legal thought leaders,” I have a chapter that’s called, “How to decide what types of content to create.

” And by that, I mean, you need to consider the fact that clients, or prospective clients, are in different cycles of the buying stage when they’re going online.

So, more often than not, when people do content marketing strategies or law firms do content marketing strategies, they focus on the first stage which is where they know nothing about you, and they forget about the other stages.

So, let me give you an example.

So, the first stage is when a prospective client knows nothing about you.

They have a problem or a challenge and they are going online to find an answer.

So, they’re going into Google and they’re putting in information, or keywords related to their challenge or their problem, and they’re looking for a lawyer or law firm, or frankly, information.

They may not even know that they’re looking for a lawyer or law firm.

But helpful information that helps them with the challenge that they’re having.

So, it’s important to have content out there that addresses challenges or difficulties that your prospective clients have.

Then there’s the stage,what we call, they know something about you.

So, once they’ve landed on your content and they decide that you can potentially help them with their needs.

It doesn’t mean yet that they’re convinced that you’re the right lawyer, but at this stage this is where it’s valuable to provide content that demonstrates how their problem or challenge could be resolved.

Or information they need to know about their problem or challenge.

So, they know something about you but they’re not quite yet convinced.

So, that type of content helps them.

Then there’s the stage which we call, they’re interested in what you have to offer.

So, once they have identified that your content convinces them that it’s relevant to their challenges, and they’re persuaded you’re an expert to help them, then at this point they are interested in what you have to offer.

So, content at this stage that informs them of your successes with other clients that have similar challenges becomes very influential.

It becomes impactful.

So, that’s the stage, what we call, when they’re interested in what you have to offer.

Then they get to the point where they’re comparing you to other options or other law firms or other lawyers out there.

So, at this point the prospective client is convinced that you are competent and you can help them.

And so now they’retrying to decide, are you the right lawyer or should I go to someone else? So, this here’s where your unique value proposition becomes really important, and I detail that in a different area of the book.

So, it’s what we call, the client attraction value proposition.

So, when you’re creating content don’t just focus and make the mistake like a lot of people make and focus on the first stage.

Focus on all the different stages of the buying cycle.

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