How to Claim Your Google Maps Listing | Claim Your Google My Business Page

Hello everybody! It’s Joe Amato from Vivo Creative here and today I wanna show you how to claim your Free Google My Business listing on Google Maps so your business can start showing up in local searches for anybody searching for your category of business in your area.

This is a free service that you really should take advantage of.

You can update your hours your menu if you’re a restaurant, photos, logos, services you offer, you name it.

What it does is, it keeps your business listing accurate on Google, so that when people search for you, you show up and your information is accurate.

But more importantly that you show up.

I can’t tell you how many times I see businesses oneson Google that haven’t even claimed or verified their listing.

It’s hurting you if your business is not claimed.

So here is how to do it.

You’re gonna go to maps.



In the top left hand search bar you’re gonna search for your business.

I’m gonna walk you through one that I’m gonna be claiming.

And when you find your business, you’re gonna see here on the left hand side, it’s gonna say claim this business.

Click that.

It’s gonna open up and it’ll require you toto sign into your google account so make sure you do that and have a Google account.

You’re going to say that you’re authorized to manage and you’re gonna click continue.

It’s gonna set up Google My Business for you.

Now, what it’ll do, most times, is you’ll be able to verify your address by mail, in which case you click mail.

And Google will send you, in a week or so,a postcard, with a number on it.

Simply go to the URL on the post card, type in the code and boom! Your listing is verified.

Sometimes Google will allow you to do it by phone.

So either way, make sure to select one of these two options.

Sometimes you’re going to have one, sometimes you’ll have both, whichever is easier for you to do.

Once you claim that business then you can go in and change the profile picture, change your logo, add your hours, add your contact information, add your website, modify it, enhance it, add photos.

It’s a very fantastic way for you to show up in local search results, and if you don’t have it claimed, or verified, or updated,I implore you to please do that.

It will greatly help your business in your local search presence.

Again if you need help with this, feel free to contact us.

Go to VIVO Creative.

Net and fill out the form if you need help doing this for your business.

Or if you need anything with regards to your local online presence, we can certainly help you out there, but this is one of those free tools that every business needs to take advantage of.

I urge you to go on and do it.

It’s very very simple you will only benefit from it.

Thanks guys!.

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